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Server Update Server Update Beta V3.0.0 [Bloodmoon Update]
1 day ago

Update V3.0.0 is here! With the Bloodmoon update comes with a lot of fixes and features! Also, if you haven't already sign up on the site and verify your account that was sent to you via email. 


  • Bloodmoon; Mobs are 5 times tougher with a x3 damage modifer! Mobs drop speical loot and items!
  • Fixed Nether portals [Error with permissions]
  • Fixed in-game registering
  • Added in-game reporting, staff on the site will see the reports
  • Added in-game notifications, will be able to get notifications from the site
  • Added in-game validate command
  • Added in-game next bloodmoon command
  • Added pets; either buy them from the webstore or win them fr...
Bug Fix Register and Nether
2 days ago

Me and the other Founder fixed some issues regarding in the register command! So as such, we also removed some minor bugs that was taking up our ram and cpu usage. 



  • Register command now registers your account on the website
  • Nether portal are now fixed so players and members can now use them
  • Memory leaks have been patched
  • Website new user bug fixed

Stay tuned for more updates, news, and fixes!

Thank you,

DemonCode Management

Website Update Game Buddy Released!
4 days ago

Game Buddy was released!

I am happy to announce that game buddy is released in the forums! Here you can request a squad or a party from the members! I've done one here: SAMPLE

From here you can apply the tag you want and depending on the game you can invite/join up on the player that requested it! Not much but it's a great feature to have for a gaming community!


Thank you all for reading,

DemonCode Management.

Major Update Update Beta V2.5.0 [Website and Sync]
4 days ago

Hello users of DemonCode! I updated our site to work directly with the server! Forums and permission have been mostly set up. Also just in case you where wondering. The ranks and roles are synced to the server and to the website! However, Donator ranks are not syncable yet! Sign up or login the server and do /website register or /register  and follow the step to sync your mc account with your website account! It's that easy!! Make sure you tell your friends about our server! Don't forget to vote!

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